The Latest Milo Controversy – Richard Spencer & Friends Sieg Heil at Milo

In this video I address the whole Seig Heil/Richard Spencer/Milo karaoke controversy. Below is the video in question; “Explosive Video: Milo Yiannopoulos And …


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The Latest Milo Controversy – Richard Spencer & Friends Sieg Heil at Milo

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  1. Milo and racist leaders have been grooming young "disenfranchised" men to be the new Nazi movement in this country; they promote hate. GamerGate was a good place to start, and I believe this 'grooming' played a big part in getting idiot Trump into the white house. And unfortunately, the "Skeptic" community here on Youtube has acted as a gateway drug to the Alt-Right. WTF is happening to this country?

  2. I see that subtext is here that, sieg heiling Jew is as surreal as a gay Muslim sympathiser. Also it reminds me of Drag Queen Raven, who's like "I would never say that!" and then like, she did)))

  3. yeah just drunk dudes being trolls, if richard was a serious white supremecist he wouldn't be hanging out with milo, milo is a white supremecists nightmare, a gay guy with a jew-y name and a black boyfriend, c'mon, white supremecists would get spine cringes next to him

  4. Thiiis seems like they're dicking around with the current popular concept of "If you love America, you're a racist, fascist nazi". Its a room full of trolls that love to make fun of their opposition. Taking this serious would not be wise.

  5. come on white sup r one thing.they dont deserve been call nazis.even not all white german ppl.hitler kill the sick n handiccaped german .at the same time he made, the 1938 arms act that allow ppl buy weapons.were the fucking allies who force the ban.after ww1 n ww2.n yet they love von braun.n more nazi ppl .op paper clip.shows who won ww2

  6. Antifa Blm Bamn are these people people bat shit crazy? I'm so serious are they all truly insane or do they have some sense of normality? Do they band together because they really feel they are working towards a goal through violence that is wholsome and good? Or is their violent mentality brought on by some physchotic disorder. They have no skills in debate instead they scream as loud as possible calling names like school children and playing on toy drums and noisemakers. Is there a behind the scenes group funding them and guiding them? I believe so and our government knows who it is and why. I would like to have some honest dignosis done by a couple of doctors of these groups in general just to try and understand what's going on. Maybe we all want that huh? Is liberalism a disease that certain types of people can only feel as one maybe a safe secure feeling from us Nazis.

  7. dont forget Milo just married a black guy. so. sort of counter everything spencer is for.thinking they just showed up, or spencer found out milo was there, and went to troll him.or spencer went hoping to get some free press

  8. I am fairly close to Milo's camp personally. If I learn anymore, I will let you know. There are a few things I can tell you about them. They despise Spencer and his followers as Milo says. They believe in American values and are more libertarian-minded conservatives. They are rowdy, hard working, hard playing people, and overall, hard living kind of people. They are no saints by any means (and they don't claim to be) but they are not white supremacists and are anti-Nazi.

    Another I can tell you is that Richard has a way of eaves dropping of people even though he knows he's not wanted. He tried to purchase a ticket to the Deploraball (which my then bf was originally set to run security for but had become ill and had to cancel) and they sent him an email and refunded his money because they didn't want him there. He chose to show up at the Deploraball anyway and tried to force his way in, was caught at security and exchanged some heated words with Lucian, Gavin, and the boys. He wanted them to co-opt the Alt-right and they refused.

    Now, in this video, Spencer could have been attempting a similar thing here with Milo. But Milo doesn't have the venue rented out as was the case with the Deploraball. He's just there having a good time and doesn't have any control over who comes in or out of the place. If you watch him closely, he seems to be ignoring them when they salute him. Also, he does NOT salute them back, which was seen as a sign of disrespect in Nazi Germany. Even the Olympic athletes at that time were expected to salute Germany back, as they were hosting and Hitler presided over the games. To me, it looks as though Milo has been caught in a very awkward situation but being the showman that he is, carries on until the end anyway. Like I said, if I find out anything different, I will update you. But I've been friendly with this crew for a little over a year now and what I have seen and heard has been completely consistent with what Milo has said. If some alt-right ppl started a rally in D.C., added Milo's boys to speak, and then added Richard Spencer as keynote speaker, milo's boys immediately withdrew and formed their own parallel rally. Spencer continuously tries to bring them into the fold so he'll gain power and access and they continue to refuse him. In the particular situation at the karaoke bar, there was little Milo could do at the moment.

  9. Richard Spencer hates Milo, he’s publicly expressed his dislike of him on multiple occasions. And, if I am remembering correctly, Spencer and his group of ethno-nationals have spoken about trying to associate themselves with Milo publicly so as to discredit him, saying something like, “if we can make people think he’s one of us then they’ll hate him just as much as they hate us.” It seems like they’re jealous of his popularity as a Trump supporter and Western chauvinist, causes they champion, while they’re hated and despised, despite championing those same beliefs.

    So it does seem like Spencer was trolling him. He found out Milo was going to be in his general vicinity, decided to show up and sieg heil him in order to accomplish his goal of tarnishing his public image.

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