Kristin Got Photoshopped To A “Fashion Model Standard” • Ladylike

Kristin asked three different plastic surgeons to say what they’d change about her face to turn it into a model’s… and this is what they said. Ladylike Subscribe for …


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Kristin Got Photoshopped To A “Fashion Model Standard” • Ladylike

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  1. I noticed from your video that you didn't mention any of the approximate cost comparison to the 3 surgeons…that of which I'm very curious to the severity of the surgery involved for each of the 3!

  2. I got my ears pinned back when I was 16 and I remember going into the plastic surgeons office and just feeling so hideous, I asked what he thought I needed done since I was 16 years old and before my mom could be like um you're not getting anything else done you're still a child he started making a huge long list of things I had never even thought of before (and I was a really self conscious teenager so I had thought of alot if flaws I had with my physical appearance.

  3. Before I say this, it doesn't mean I think you need it, but out of the three changes, the first one looks best, it's not outlandish, considering what this video was about. It's the one that looks closest to you.

  4. I think they all looked awful tbh. The photoshop artists were not very skilled.

    In my opinion people shouldn't do total overhauls on their faces unless they've been in some sort of accident or had some other calamity befall them. Less is more, and it's better to look like you.

  5. I love Kristin! She has beauty that resonates from within. And gives such a lively conversation. I hope that exploring these superficial topics don't get her down.

  6. Don't get me wrong, Kristin is one of my favorite people at Buzzfeed, but I laughed so hard when she said that this is the golden age of body positivity. We need so much improvement in this area, just saying!

  7. I like how you look when you are in the blue bedroom! Straight hair and t-shirt dresses with open cleavage look good on you! BTW, where did you get your white and flowery dress? the one that you are wearing during the first two visits.. I really like it!

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